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Giving Cyber Teams the advantage.



Be the protectors of the digital world.


To be the cyber defense company security practitioners consistently rely on to solve their most challenging problems, to create automated and intelligent solutions supporting their most vital missions, and to manage their most valued assets.

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Throughout cyberspace, a war is underway. Both domestically and abroad, cybercriminals have their sights set on exploiting your systems, data, and financial resources. In the digital age we live in, the stakes are higher than ever before.


That's where Surfaceer comes in. A team of Cyber Security Professional’s and Military Veterans, we understand today's threats on an intimate level. With decades of combined expertise battling the world’s most relentless attacks, we've learned that hackers will stop at nothing to break through.


By leveraging our military-grade cyber defense expertise, we empower organizations and individuals to stay ready around the clock. Our battle-tested tools include network discovery to identify vulnerabilities, continuous monitoring to pinpoint malicious activity, data integration to map out your threat profile, and metrics to ensure continuous improvements.


As the ever-evolving face of cyber warfare continues to change, proactive fortifications are essential. Only through the agile Attack Surface Management (ASM) tools of Surfaceer, will sensitive information, personal data, financial accesses, and more be safe.


Ultimately, modern cyber criminals are always devising new plans. Likewise, the threat landscape is constantly on the move. By thinking like hackers and replicating their arsenal, our team keeps you one step ahead.


It’s time to put the power of protection at your fingertips.





We are honored to be in the startup community and looking to stay ambitious with our product development and our vision of helping Cyber Teams around the world.

1. Frustration

Throughout my two decades of previous tech experience, I encountered numerous frustrations when it came to finding the right fit for tools. Often, I encountered clunky and cumbersome product tools that hindered efficiency. Deploying these tools typically entailed assembling a dedicated project team, enduring long wait times, and relying on multiple team members to handle the process. These challenges frequently resulted in delays and inefficiencies.

4. Concept

January 2023 developed our creation of Surfaceer with our mission and vision of defending the world without security practitioner frustration. Our motto of 'solving a problem shouldn't be a problem'.

2. Tinker

In March 2019, I embarked on a quest to explore GitHub and other sources in search of the perfect fit of open-source tools to develop my personal toolbox. This journey involved crafting and tinkering with numerous independent tools, but it quickly turned into a nightmare. The process proved to be challenging and overwhelming, as I struggled to find the right combination of tools that seamlessly aligned with my needs.

5. MVP

May 2023 completion of our most stable MVP that has far reached our vision.  Allowing frontline Cyber Teams the ability to do their jobs with automation, no configuration, and solo operations.

3. Problem Solving

August 2022 made the bold move to solve the problem of designing, sketching, and planning a cloud platform.

6. Ambition

Current roadmap of features that make a difference.  

  • Predictive cyber analytic models using supervised machine learning that enhances our Attack Map.

  • An automated hacking simulation that tests external network strengths and weaknesses.


In our market, competitors typically fall into two categories: those who specialize in Attack Surface Management (ASM) and those who offer ASM as part of their broader range of security tools. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves by becoming the leading experts in Attack Surface Management and offering a comprehensive suite of ASM products tailored for all technology domains.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are highly connected devices that interact with multiple networks, access various apps and services, and handle sensitive user data. Consequently, they possess a wide attack surface, presenting potential avenues for cyberattacks.

Internet of Things (IOT)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a revolutionary concept that connects everyday devices to the internet, transforming them into smart, interconnected entities. From smart homes and wearable devices to industrial machinery and city infrastructures, IoT has the potential to revolutionize how we live and work. However, this connectivity also brings with it a critical concern: the attack surface of IoT.


As the automotive industry accelerates its transition towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional combustion-engine cars. With their eco-friendly features and advanced technological capabilities, EVs offer a glimpse into the future of transportation. However, as with any connected technology, the importance of understanding and managing the attack surface in EVs cannot be overlooked.

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