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Rapid intelligence for better defense.


Our quick threat and vulnerability analysis process

Deploy Reconnaissance


Effortlessly log in to Surfaceer and navigate to our intuitive Reconnaissance page. Simply input the desired information (e.g., your domain) to initiate the process.

Initiate Enumeration 


Next, after conducting a thorough Reconnaissance, you have the flexibility to either scan all public-facing IP addresses associated with your search or selectively target specific IP addresses for individual scanning.

Excute Threat Analysis


Access the dashboard for findings. Dive into detailed insights for each public-facing IP scanned, including ports, the number of vulnerabilities per port, and a visual attack map showcasing CVEs and CWEs. Uncover attack patterns specific to each CVE, empowering you with valuable information to fortify your defenses.

Mitre Framework



In an effort to predict adversary behavior, tactical strategies, and organized harmful acts, the scientific community has been concentrating on modeling cybersecurity attack patterns and methodologies based on reported occurrences and their in-depth examination.

A global knowledge repository of adversary tactics and strategies called MITRE is based on actual observations of cybersecurity threats.

Building efficient, current threat models is one of the most crucial components of a sound cybersecurity strategy.

Organizations gain from a significantly smaller attack surface when they engage in a solid threat analysis approach.

A current risk profile—a security feature that significantly strengthens an organization's security posture—will be produced by regularly evaluating risks and classifying these threats using an internal repository or risk management system.

Internal audits that evaluate security policies and processes may be performed using an up-to-date risk profile, which can also assist an organization's risk mitigation approach to be consistently improved.

Surfaceer was developed to utilize the complete suite of the Mitre framework, including CVE, CWE, and CAPEC attack patterns. Surfaceer’s automation allows Cyber Teams to scan their external network, assess their internet-facing assets, and provide actionable intelligence to strengthen your organization's security posture.


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