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In an era where cyber-attacks continue to pose significant threats to organizational networks, there is a pressing need for new and faster threat and vulnerability intelligence to empower better decision-making.

As businesses expand and undergo digital transformation, their networks grow in complexity. This necessitates modern security defenses that can keep pace with advancements in cloud technology. The market demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has opened up new opportunities in the industry.

Surfaceer has achieved technological breakthroughs that provide organizations with the fastest and most efficient means to defend their networks.


Our EASM solution targets two segments under the Cybersecurity umbrella, network security, and vulnerability management market.  Here is a quick view of the market outlook:

Industry Market Financials

  • Cybersecurity Market

    • USD 424 billion by 2030. Growth rate 8.9% CAGR


Target segments under the Cybersecurity umbrella

  • Network Security

    • USD 53.11 billion by 2029. Growth rate 13.0% CAGR

  • Vulnerability Management

    • USD $2.51 billion by 2025. Growth rate of 16.3% CAGR*


*According to experts Frost & Sullivan


Surfaceer intends to carve out a substantial portion of this market, benefiting from both a large total addressable market and compelling growth rates as we approach the mid-decade and beyond. Organizations are actively seeking scalable solutions to secure their environments, creating a significant market opportunity.

What sets us apart is not only our proprietary technology but also our cybersecurity expertise, which surpasses that of our competitors in terms of speed, usability, and the ability to identify threats posed by hackers.

We possess the capabilities to design, develop, and deliver modern cybersecurity solutions, and we are ready to serve leading organizations that share our mission.

We are actively seeking like-minded investors and partners to join us on this important mission. By investing in Surfaceer, you will become part of a dynamic team that is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape and addressing the urgent needs of organizations worldwide.

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