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Our platform is designed to detect, discover, and defend your external network exposure giving you the testing capabilities at your finger tips. 




Discover and search all internet-facing assets including DNS, IPs, ports, port services, technologies, operating systems, and more. Reconnaissance refers to the process of gathering information about a target system or network. The goal of reconnaissance is to identify potential vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit. Reconnaissance can be done through various techniques such as passive information gathering (e.g., reading publicly available information), active scanning (e.g., port scanning), or social engineering (e.g., phishing emails).



Automatically identify vulnerabilities with our deep scan technology.  Actively probing a system or network to identify the resources and services that are available. The goal of enumeration is to identify the specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Enumeration can involve techniques such as querying the Domain Name System (DNS), port scanning, or extracting information from network traffic.



Protect your external network using the Mitre Framework with our Attack Map engine.  Our Attack map engine was developed using multiple integrations of Mitre's CVE, CWE, and CAPEC to identify and diagram the adversaries' attack patterns.  Our algorithm identifies the vulnerabilities on your ports.


Saves resources

Automation helps reduce the time and cost of protecting your network.

Framework Driven

Built with the full suite of the Mitre schema.

Stressless security

No configuration is needed, finding a problem shouldn’t be a problem.

Continuous Monitoring

Crawl and search the internet for exposed assets, complete with data visualization.

Addresses compliance

Addresses new security and compliance needs as your business expands.

Drives accountability

Delivers operational effectiveness, efficiencies and increases visibility and reporting.


Asset Discovery and Inventory

Asset Discovery and Inventory is a crucial component of an organization's cybersecurity strategy. By conducting a comprehensive inventory of assets, organizations can gain insights into their attack surface and prioritize security efforts effectively.

Policy Compliance Scanning

Regularly scanning systems, applications, and network infrastructure for policy adherence, organizations can identify non-compliant assets, assess security controls, and remediate vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

A critical component of a proactive cybersecurity approach. By regularly scanning assets for vulnerabilities, organizations can identify and mitigate security risks before they are exploited by malicious actors.

Patch Management

Assists with maintaining a secure IT environment by scanning assets for patching and updating.  Organizations can effectively address vulnerabilities, reduce the risk of security breaches, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Threat Vectors

Identifies network threat vectors by analyzing the organization's network architecture, evaluating network security measures, and assessing potential entry points, organizations can proactively implement appropriate security controls and countermeasures.

Risk Management

Enables organizations to  conduct comprehensive assessments, prioritizing risks, and implementing targeted remediation efforts, organizations can reduce their exposure to cyber threats and enhance their overall security posture.


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