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As Veterans ourselves we understand the transition.


Why Veterans are a Good Fit for Cybersecurity?

Veterans are a growing and valuable asset to the cybersecurity field. They bring the valuable experience of serving our country and defending our freedoms. Military veterans are good fits for cyber security because they have the following:

  • Experience with Complex Systems

  • Strong Attention to Detail and Problem-solving Skills

  • Understand Security Protocols and Procedures

  • Ability to Work Well Under Pressure

  • Strong Sense of Integrity and Loyalty

  • Veterans are Adaptable

  • Maintain Awareness of a Critical Situation

  • Have Strong Teamwork Skills

How Can We Encourage Military Veterans to Serve in Cybersecurity?

Veterans are an important part of our nation's workforce. They have unique skills and experience that can be transferred to the private sector. But only a small number of veterans work in cybersecurity.


Why is this?

There are many reasons, but one big factor is that veterans need more opportunities to enter this industry. Here are some ways we can encourage more veterans to become cyber professionals:

Offering Training and Education Opportunities

The first step is to educate veterans on what cybersecurity entails and how it can benefit veterans with their existing skill sets. This includes offering training opportunities specifically geared toward military veterans who want to learn about cybersecurity.

These courses would focus on teaching veterans how to use their existing skills and knowledge in new ways or apply these skills in different environments.

Building a Network of Veteran Professionals

One of the best ways to bring more veterans into the cybersecurity field is to create a network among them. This means creating opportunities for veterans to connect and share resources and ideas. It also means building their confidence to feel welcome and valued in their new jobs or careers.

Creating a Supportive Work Environment

In addition to offering training programs, employers should create supportive work environments that allow employees to grow professionally while encouraging them to stay on track with their career goals.

This includes providing flexible schedules so employees can balance work responsibilities with family obligations or other commitments outside the office environment without jeopardizing employment status or security clearance eligibility.

Safeguarding Your Digital Assets with Industry Veterans

By ensuring that veterans have access to these high-demand jobs, companies can save money by avoiding extensive recruitment costs and tapping into a pool of qualified candidates with unique skill sets and experiences.

Surfaceer is making a promise to continue to support our military veterans.  As a cyber defense engineering and software startup company, we will grow and invest in hiring the best.  Stay tuned for an update.

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